Dissertation: Experiencing Automation: UX and Practices with Automated Systems

Thomas Meneweger, Center for Human-Computer Interaction, University of Salzburg (Supervisor: Prof. Manfred Tscheligi)

This thesis aims to explore and characterize experiences with automated systems in work-related domains (e.g., factories). On a theoretical level, this research extends current concepts of User Experience, which fall short in describing everyday encounters of automated systems with often no direct and explicit interaction. Applying ethnographically informed approaches, involving open-structured interviews and observations, the thesis explores everyday (work-)practices and user experiences related to different facets of automation (e.g., autonomous systems, assistive systems). This research aims at contributing a conceptual  framing of everyday experiences with automated systems as well as knowledge about different facets of experiences with automation in varying work contexts. Further, unpacking issues of (experienced) control when encountering automated systems, the thesis provides a theoretical basis for guiding interaction design and user experience design of future automated systems.