Dissertation: Characterising Experiential Changes: Temporal Transitions of User Experience

Daniela Wurhofer, Center for Technology Experience, Austrian Institute of Technology (Supervisor: Prof. Manfred Tscheligi)

This PhD thesis deals with temporal transitions of User Experience (UX), i.e., how UX is related to time. It aims to characterize temporal transitions of UX on a theoretical and empirical level, adopting both holistic and reductionistic perspectives. The research focuses on two application contexts: car and factory. By grasping temporal transitions of UX from various perspectives and in different contexts, the thesis targets a multifaceted picture of UX in relation to time and thereby advances knowledge on how a user’s experience can be more positive and satisfying when interacting with technologies. At the beginning of this research, a theoretical framework for describing UX was set up. This served as a basis for the empirical studies in the two application contexts. In these studies, qualitative and quantitative methods were applied to explore temporal transitions of UX in the context of cars as well as factories. Insights from the empirical studies were fed back to the framework. On a theoretical level, the thesis contributes characteristics of UX, including temporal transitions of UX, and proposes an approach for UX research which combines holistic and reductionistic views. On an empirical level, this work adds knowledge on changes and developments as well as shifts and phases of UX. Furthermore, influences on temporal transitions of UX are delineated and challenges for UX which come along with future technological developments are pointed out. Overall, this PhD thesis characterizes temporal transitions of UX in various facets, providing insights on what accounts for a user’s experience and how it may change over time.